Good Taste Catering, LLC 

Our Lunch Program    

How the program works is simple! We post menus on a user friendly website, where parenst can order a week, month or several moinths at a time. Our program is flexible which allows us to customize it to fit the needs of your school organization.                    

"The ordering process is so easy and we

love the convenience."

Delivering Fresh "on-time" lunches

Our lunches are prepared fresh daily in our commercially licensed kitchen and packaged in the proper containers. They are delivered to your school at the appropriate lunch time and placed in the designated area. The lunches are organized according to Lunch Session, Teacher, Grade, or Classroom to make locating the lunches an easy and efficient process for the students.                                      

"The food is really delicious"

signed a child who eats them....

Our Menu 

We offer a variety of hot and cold lunch choices each day as well as sides and ala carte items. This flexibility allows the parents to build a lunch that they know their child will love.

Our Program will Benefit your School Organization in many are just a few:

  • Lessen the workload of your staff and volunteers by taking the hassle of all the paperwork processing & time to collect lunch orders and tracking down payments. This time could be put toward focusing efforts on other important matters.
  • We work directly with the parents and manage their orders and payment
  • We will assist parents who call to ask questions about their child's lunch order.
  • We will provide the school with daily reports for all the lunches that will be delivered for that day.

  • We provide a value added program to parents who are contemplating enrollment in your school.

  • We provide a delicious variety of healthy lunch options to your students and staff. We're sure to have something to please every palate.

  • Flexibility to customize our program to fit your needs, working with outside food vendors to find a perfect fit for your school.

  • We focus on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction, we will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations.

Parents Benefit from Our Program as well...

  • Parents can pre-order their child's meals to ensure proper food and portions are served - No running out of food!
  • Children don't need to carry cash, ID cards, remember PIN numbers, etc!
  • Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is eating a healthy nutritious lunch, which will help get them through the rest of their school day.
  • Orders and Payments are placed conveniently on-line through a secure payment service.
  • Changes and credits can be processed for student lunch orders, providing they are processed with-in the 7 day time frame.

Attention Schools Interested in our lunch program

Contact us today to set up a time for you and your staff

or your PTA/HSA to try our lunches. We will bring samples

of our lunches for you to enjoy while we discuss your

needs and our capabilities & program to see if we are

a good fit for your school.

"This food is fabulous and so tasty!"

from a staff member

We look forward to serving you!

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